Neobella Contouring Serum – 5 x 8ml (ex. Kabelline)


Neobella is a new-generation lipolytic injection designed and produced in South Korea by NewFace Laboratories. It is a trusted and tested Kabella-like product that effectively melts fat deposits and cells in the face and the body. This DA-based contouring serum easy corrects double chin, hamster cheeks and more. Get it now via Filler Club to see how it successfully improves the contour of the face through lipolysis.

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Introducing Neobella – an advanced contouring serum

NewFace Laboratories’ Neobella can be used on both men and women. It is an innovative homeopathic product that initiates a process of lipolysis and prevents water retention with the help of a special ingredient – Deoxycholic Acid (DA). This substance is FDA-approved and it can quickly destroy fat cells, speed up the fatty acid metabolism and minimize water retention in the body.

  • Removes hamster cheeks
  • Corrects double chin
  • Slims the face
  • Improves the contour of the mandible
  • Reduces fat overlays in the face and the body

Treatment course

Although the first fat-burning effects of Neobella are immediate, the complete course of treatment with this product consists of six injection sessions. Each of them is performed on a weekly basis by a skilled and certified medical practitioner. The dosage can greatly vary depending on the individual needs of each patient, as well as on the target treatment area. Still, practitioners must not inject more than 8 to 10ml during each session. That will minimize the risk of DA-related side effects such as redness, pain, hematoma, numbness, etc. The solution is injected in the subcutaneous tissue but this minimally-invasive procedure is practically painless and it does not lead to swelling. Recovery after the treatment is fast and so is the international shipping which the clients of Filler Club get to enjoy whenever they order a product from our website.

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