Lipo Lab PPC Solution (10 x 10ml)


Lipo Lab is an optimized PPC fat-resolving product that will eliminate stubborn fat despots from different areas of the body in just 2 months or less. Unlike most other professional-grade lipolytic solutions, this also successfully reduces cellulite and improves the metabolism of the patient to provide them with speedy and durable weight-loss results that are easy to maintain.

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Ways in which Lipo Lab is better than a liposuction

The cost of treatment with Lipo Lab is significantly lower than that of liposuction. That makes this product an excellent solution for people who are looking for a budget-friendly, yet effective way to shred the extra pounds. The product is administered by a qualified cosmetic surgeon but the procedure itself is swift, painless and extremely simple. One session normally takes a few minutes and it can be easily done even without local anesthesia. The lack of downtime and severe side effects, allows patients to easily fit the treatment into their busy schedule.

To work its magic, Lipo Lab is injected directly in the problem zones (e.g. belly, underarm, armpits, under the chin) where it gradually melts fat cells and deposits and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This effect is achieved thanks to the premium-quality PPC Sodium Deoxycholate in this reliable lipolytic injectable. This risk-free ingredient offers localized lipolysis such as double chin removal – something that can be hard and expensive to achieve with liposuction.

Dosage and treatment protocol

  • A full treatment consists of 4-5 sessions
  • Interval between sessions – 10-15 days
  • Dosage depends on obesity level and target zones (use no more than 3-5 boxes per patient)
  • Use a 20ml syringe to administer

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