Aqualyx Fat Resolving Solution – 10 x 8ml


We, at Fillers Club, are thrilled to introduce our clients to the most advanced lipolytic injectable in existence today – Aqualyx. “Motolese’s Solution,” as this product is also called, is applied by Intralipotherapy-trained clinicians directly in the adipose tissue of patients to provide them with localized fat-dissolving treatment. After just several sessions with this well-recommended fat-melting product, problems such as double chin, tummy fat, and stubborn fat deposits on the hips can be quickly corrected.

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How does this unique fat-resolving product work?

Aqualyx effectively reduces and removes fat pockets in different problem areas of the body that are harder to treat with plastic surgery or even with exercise and dieting. It is injected into the adipose tissue with a Lipoinject needle through a one-of-a-kind infusion technique known as Intralipotherapy. The product attacks fat cells and that eventually leads to the pain-free elimination of fat deposits. Additional treatments with a medium-frequency ultrasound will speed up the breakdown of fat cells and the release of fatty liquids from the body.

  • No pain and zero discomfort
  • Impressively high efficacy
  • Potentially permanent results
  • A treatment that is easy to tailor and personalize
  • Guaranteed treatment responsiveness
  • Can be used alongside other weight-loss solutions

How durable are the results achieved with Aqualyx?

Different patients respond in a different way to the fantastic fat-burning properties of this groundbreaking lipolytic injectable. Some see impressive results after just one Intralipotherapy session while others need to undergo several of them or to combine them with adipose tissue sonification to achieve the desired effects. However, all of them will have the chance to enjoy permanent fat-dissolving results with Aqualyx. But for that to happen, they will need to make an effort to preserve their current weight by sticking to a healthy diet and a more active lifestyle.

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