Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (and by extension - Sodium Hyaluronate) dermal fillers have been the prime medical device in the beauty industry in the past decade. Normally in the form of injectable gel, skin fillers can help patients not only boost the natural rejuvenation properties of their skin, but also overall improve their look. Probably the most popular type of these HA cosmetic solutions are the lip fillers - meant to improve the shape and contour and boost the volume of the lips. However, fillers can also be one of the most effective tools in the fight against wrinkles or a convenient method for naturally looking facial feature augmentation.

Dermal fillers from Hyaluronic acid are safe, biocompatible and biodegradeable. They are the perfect alternative to traditional plastic surgery method, making subsequent correction both easy and possible and at the same time offering a much less invasive cosmetic procedure, which normally requires zero downtime.


Mesotherapy - body

Mesotherapy is the most versatile weapon of the cosmetics industry. Meso products cover a wide range of aesthetic al and dermatological needs and are quite effective at dealing dry, tired or damaged skin, boosting skin rejuvenation, but also helping with such issues as hair loss or alleviating the symptoms of acne.

Administering the meso products can happen in a variety of ways. The most popular is applying the product to the patients skin using a needle (or mesotherapy) roller. However, in recent years beauty machines such as lasers, IPL and hifu have allowed for innovative combined skin care therapies, that allow for more versatile treatment.

Mesotherapy - injection

Still, arguably, the most effective way for skin treatment via mesotherapy is injecting the product. This allows for more strategic and precise introduction of the meso product in the skin, treating the exact area with the exact amount of the solution. find the best meso product for your needs in our e-store.

Lifting Threads

Like a lot of the other products on our website, the lifting threads are aimed at being a less painful, less invasive and more affordable alternative to plastic surgery, which also requires no or minimum downtime. Threads are best used in synergy with other forms of beauty devices like dermal fillers or treatment like mesotherapy. They are an excellent tool to improve, lift and straighten sagging skin, which also has the benefit of long effect (often more than an year).

Threads are typically made from safe and biodegradeable materials like Polydioxanone and vary in form, shape and type. Depending on the severity on the skin sagging the doctor will choose the appropriate thread, with mono threads for less problematic areas or barbed cog threads and screw threads for more problematic zones, where the added benefit of increased collagen production is vital for the long term effect.

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Lipo Products

Lipo products are specialized cosmetic solutions, which are used to strategically target the fat tissues of specific areas of the body. These are often used as a replacement to traditional liposuction, which is a relatively invasive plastic surgery procedure. With a combination of the right diet, excursionist and the appropriate lipo product, fat cells can be permanently destroyed. Further, lipo injectables offer forĀ  amore versatible form of treatment which allows the injection of more difficult areas, some of which are difficult for plastic surgery to deal with.

While the area under the chin and the neck are the most often treated with lipo solutions parts of the body, injecting something line Aqualyx or Neobella can also be performed on the body in areas like the belly, bottom, tights, shoulders, hands. These products allow for the dissolution of fat cells in a safe and natural way.

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Skin care products take the largest percentage of the beauty industry output. Yet. finding the right product for you and your skin can be quite the trip. We at Fillers Clue believe out clients must have access to the best cosmetic and beauty products on the market and have made the offer to showcase you the best options.

In our e-store you can fine a tailored selection of offerings for cosmetic products which will tailor to your every need. From face to body, from dry to oily skin - we have the solution you need. Our clients can browse through and purchase prime quality facial masks, body creams, night time cosmetics, specialized products for irritated skin, acne products and much-much more. Top rate products for improvement of the skin, restoring of elasticity, anti age treatment and all types of skin rejuvenation through cosmetics.

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PRP Therapy

PRP kits are a revolutionary medical and beauty solution which allows skin therapy using platelet-rich plasma to boost the natural self healing and rejuvenating properties of the skin. Used to extract, purify and enrich in plasma blood, these kits allow for targeted and highly effective treatment in a variety of zones of the human body. Once re-injected into the skin, the platelet-rich plasma has a nearly miraculous effect in some cases and can help patients to improve and fully recover from a variety of skin problems.

PRP therapy is one of the most versatile forms of skin treatment and can be recommended to a wide spectrum of patients - from people looking for a powerful skin rejuvenation to patients suffering from chronic muscle pain. PRP treatment will help with hair loss, improve skin collagen production, but also alleviate discomfort and pain from inflammation. PRP kits are used both by beauty professionals, as a skin revitalizer and by medical professioanls like dermatologists and dentists.

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As we age so does out skin. One of the main characteristics of skin aging is noticeable skin de-hydration and the increased appearance of ever deeper wrinkles. These unwanted consequences are further amplified by a multitude of external factors like pollution, sun exposure, weather, but also, bad diet, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, stress. There is no single wonder product that wan take care of this problem and you can't really stop time. However you can slow down the effect of aging and possibly reverse the negative effect of external factors.

A combination of soft fillers, hybrid products, skin care solutions and mostly - mesotherapy, will do wonders for your skin. Hydration is the primary goal and half of the battle, but it's also important to introduce the necessary complex of nutrients, vitamins, peptides etc. to the skin, to achieve real and powerful skin rejuvenation, with lasting effects. We're happy to offer some of the best skin rejuvenating solutions on the market that are guaranteed to improve the overall tone, elasticity and smoothness of your skin.

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Hair Care

We offer you an extensive selection of hair care products. Hair shampoo, balm, masks and a variety of other cosmetic solutions for your hair. With our selection clients have access to professional beauty solutions. Maintaining a healthy, strong and googlooking hair can be a real challenge, considering factors such as stress, pollution and aging. We allow our client to choose from and find the best options for their hair, regardless color or hair type - normal, dry or oily. No matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly we have the right hair product to take the best possible care. Improve the hair strength and boost the folicule health, battle hair loss and regain the hair you've lost.

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