Welcome to the Privacy Policy page of fillersclub.com. This is where you can familiarize yourself with the way fillersclub.com collects, processes, uses, shares, and stores the data of its clients. As a law-abiding and registered EU company, we work in full accordance with GDPR or the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We view the privacy and personal data of our customers as a highly important matter and, for that reason, we strive to secure their information by taking all necessary steps to keep it protected and hidden from the eyes of third parties.

By using or even browsing this website, you automatically give your consent to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy. That is why it is important for you to read in full the contents of this page and those on our Terms and Conditions section. Here you will find information regarding our privacy policies, personal information and data policies, data breach procedures, details on cookies and other key notices.

Personal Data We Collect and Why We Collect It

We collect a few different types of personal data through this website. Here it should be noted that we only do that with the intention to provide our clients with individualized user experience and reliable services. We do not do it for criminal, malicious or immoral reasons.

We use the data we collect to:

  • Improve and optimize this website
  • Deliver clients with targeted product information and advertising
  • Protect customers from frauds and scams
  • Screen unusual behavior on the site
  • Improve our communication with our clients


Fillers Club is an online shopping website and as such it uses cookies – packages of data that are stored on each client’s web browser. Since they are very small, these packages will not fill the storage memory of your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) or negatively affect its performance by slowing it down. Cookies collect various kinds of data that helps our website to offer every buyer a custom-tailored user and shopping experience. They can recognize your device when you open the website and, in that way, to cater to your unique needs more effectively. Cookies feature login information, user statistics, account settings, and other key data without which online stores are not able to properly serve their purpose. That data, however, is not one of a personal nature which makes cookies data packages safe as they do not unveil or even contain any of your personal information.

Aside from relying on cookies to provide our clients with better user experience on our website, we also use them to improve Fillers Club’s marketing performance by analyzing site usage information via the Google Analytics platform. As it was already pointed out, this data is free of personal information so this action of ours does not expose our customers to any risks. Google Analytics will not show your identity to third parties or even to us, for that matter. Cookies are virus- and malware-free and cannot be used for attacking networks or devices with malicious software.

Our website relies on both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored on the browser’s memory and not on the device of the user. This means that they are erased every time when the web browser is closed. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored on the disk of the device and are deleted only after a set period of time.

Third Party Cookies

Using the services of an online retail store inevitably means that some of your data will be collected by third party cookies. That happens when you go to checkout and you are asked to provide details like credit/debit card information. This type of personal data is not visible to any of the members of our team but only to the company providing the payment processing service on which we rely. However, even they will not be able to use it to identify or trace you back to it. That guarantees your privacy and the security of your payment and banking information.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram also use third party cookies. Therefore, any social media content embedded on our website and content on our online store shared on such platforms is subject to the third parties’ own Privacy Policy.

Embedded Content

To make our website more engaging and informative, we often embed videos, media, images and other content that is hosted by third party sites and platforms different than ours. That data is subject to their cookie and privacy policies and we do not have control over the way these third parties choose to use your personal data. We also cannot track the information they collect. Do note, however, that our team strives to embed content from well-known and highly secure services and platforms such as YouTube, for example.

Google Analytics Cookies

We have integrated Google Analytics to fillersclub.com. This digital analytics service by Google enables websites like this one to track the shopping behavior, experience and browsing habits of each user. Having such data helps us to better compare and analyze it with the sole purpose to optimize the quality of the services we offer. Google Analytics does not collect or monitor personal data but only shopping and browsing information. The latter includes things like buttons on which the user has clicked, pages which they have visited, products they have ordered, website searchers they have made and more. This information is not visible or accessible by third parties but only by Google and us.

Google Analytics does not collect emails, IP addresses or client names. It does use geo-location tracking but it does not unveil a user’s exact location or their full IP address. This means that this service is anonymous. We also offer you a guarantee that we will not share or sell the browsing-related data collected by this service to third parties. Still, if you do not wish to have any of your data collected and used via the Google Analytics software, you can easily install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on to your browser or to manually delete the cookies stored on the web browser you are using. You can also manually deactivate Google Analytics and related Google services using the privacy settings menu on our website.

Data Collected via Our Contact Us Form or Email

If you want to get in touch with us either via our online Contact Us form or via email, you will be asked to give us key information such as your name, contact and address details, etc. This is necessary because it will allow us to send you your orders, contact you to confirm the details of your order, respond to your inquiries or complaints, calculate approximate delivery times, estimate the total value of the order and more. The data collected via email and the Contact Us form on our website is therefore used for correspondence and delivery purposes only. When necessary, we may also ask you to give us your VAT number (provided you have such) or to list an alternative payment method of your choice. That will enable us to better process your orders. The data we collect via our Contact Us form or email will not be shared with third parties.

Data Protection

We strive to protect the personal data of our customers and to respect their rights and their privacy. For that reason, we comply at 100% with the laws of the EU’s GDPR. The third-party companies and service providers with which we are working are often based in Europe and those that are not, work in accordance with the above-mentioned laws and regulations. We never send information to any of them if they are not able to guarantee our clients’ privacy and protection.

We have taken all necessary steps to ensure the security and privacy of the personal information of every one of our clients. For example, we intentionally hide your IP address’ last digits to protect your location and we protect the data stored on each user account on our website by limiting the access to it.

No matter the measures we and our partners take to secure the personal data of our clients, sending and sharing information online always hides certain risks such as data leaks from third party companies. This is why we always recommend our users to choose strong passwords for their accounts. Our servers are highly secure and have 24/7 proactive monitoring to timely prevent malware or hacking threats. If we detect any problems related to the privacy and personal information of our customers, we will quickly get in touch with the affected parties and users.

Storage of Personal Information

Personal data that is deemed relevant by us, will be stored on our website for 5 years. When a client’s account has been inactive, in the sense that it has not been used, for more than 5 years, it will be automatically deleted. Customers who decide to log in on fillersclub.com as a Guest rather than as a Registered User, must know that their information will be deleted after 5 years. Other data that is viewed as irrelevant will not be stored and it will be instead anonymized or deleted.

Your Rights

By GDPR law, every user of our website has the right to ask for all their personal data collected through Fillers Club (relevant or not) to be removed and deleted. This is formally called “The Right to be Forgotten” and you can take advantage of at it any time you choose to no matter whether you are based in the EU or not. You can request to either have your information exported or removed.

Data Breach Procedures

We have taken various measures to prevent data leaks and breaches. But if the customers of Fillers Club are threatened or affected by such an event, we take full responsibly to get in touch with them as soon as possible. We may ask you to link a different email address to your user account or to change your password in an attempt to minimize other information breaches in the future.

Privacy Policy Updates

Since data processing and protection methods are constantly and swiftly evolving, we reserve the right to update and expand our Privacy Policy page at any given time. The changes we make on it will always abide by the latest personal data protection regulations and laws issued by the EU’s GDPR.

If you believe that some of your personal information has been inappropriately used, shared or sold, you have the legal right to file a formal complaint to the EU Commission for Personal Data Protection at this address: