Neuramis Light (with Lidocaine) – 1 x 1ml


To make the temporary correction of fine facial lines safer, do not hessite to purchase Neuramis Light with Lidocaine from Filler Club. This is one of the purest and most patient-friendly soft-tissue fillers available for purchase today. Why? Because it was developed and produced by renowned South Korean company in modern manufacturing facilities through a new-generation S.M.A.R.T. Technology. Did we mention that it also contains lidocaine for a pain-free anti-aging treatment?

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What can Neuramis Light with Lidocaine do?

  • Quickly reduce the appearance of highly pronounced undereye signs of aging
  • Significantly improve skin moisturization and maintain a healthy hydro balance
  • Effectively remove shallow lines and wrinkles on the face, décolleté, neck and the dorsum of hands
  • Visibly improve the tone, texture, and elasticity of the skin

How many sessions before results become noticeable?

Neuramis Light with Lidocaine is made up of two-time cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid. That makes this pioneering soft-tissue filler more stable and robust compared to its market rivals. When injected into the middle dermis, it instantly fills wrinkles and folds and delivers extra volume under the skin, giving the face a smoother and rejuvenated appearance. Because of all that, patients can expect to immediately see the results of their anti-aging treatment. Even the more pronounced wrinkles on the face and under the eyes will be corrected in an instant. HA also has powerful moisturizing capabilities that will gradually improve the tonicity and elasticity of the skin.

It will take at least 6 months for the HA-based injectable gel to biodegrade. This is a 100% risk-free process and it does not leave traces of any substances in the soft tissues. Due to that reason, maintenance injections will be required if the patient decides to retain their rejuvenated appearance for the next few months.

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