Profhilo (H + L) – 1 x 2ml


Even some of the most expensive dermal fillers on the market struggle to provide natural-looking results when it comes to non-surgical facial augmentation, tissue remodeling, and skin laxity correction treatments. IBSA Group’s Profhilo is a rare exception that offers high patient satisfaction. Distributed by Fillers Club, this top-performing Hyaluronic Acid filler will considerably improve the appearance of the target zones of the face or the body by enhancing, reshaping and rejuvenating them.

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What does each box of Profhilo feature?

  • 1 prefilled disposable 2ml syringe (64mg/ml HA in total)
  • 2 Terumo needles (29G/13mm)
  • 1 product slip
  • 2 product traceability stickers

A new-generation skin filler like no other

Profhilo is an award-winning product that has received various prestigious titles over the years including one for product innovation by the Aesthetics Awards. That is because it has been developed with the use of highly advanced technology and first-class raw materials.

  • NAHYCO Hybrid Technology – produces biologically compatible HA with hydrating, volumizing and lifting properties that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the skin
  • Shyalt Ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid – improves resistance and purity of the HA in the product, making the procedure safer for patients
  • Hydrolift Action concept – improves the tonicity, elasticity and hydro balance of the skin, delivering an all-around anti-aging effect
  • Terumo needles – ultra-thin, double-bevel needles for a pain-free treatment experience

Duration and maintenance treatments

This optimized bioremodeling HA filler injectable can easily restore tissue volume lost as a result of the natural aging process and it can be used for the remodeling and enhancement of cheekbones, nose, inner arms, neck, back of the hands and many other parts of the body. The treatment includes 2 injections sessions, each of which is performed on a monthly basis. The lifting and anti-aging effects of Profhilo last for approximately 6 months.

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