Neuramis (with Lidocaine) – 1 x 1ml


Neuramis with Lidocaine is a world-class dermal filler by Medytox that successfully hydrates the skin, fills superficial and medium wrinkles and volumizes lips. It is an excellent all-around anti-aging solution for both men and women who wish to have a more youthful and radiant appearance without having to undergo invasive and risky cosmetic surgery. For your convenience, you have the chance to purchase it from Filler Club’s website.

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How concentrated is Neuramis with Lidocaine?

The concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in each pack of Neuramis with Lidocaine is 20mg/ml. This is a standard concentration rate that is identical to that in many other top-selling HA-based filler injections. That is why it is more than enough to provide patients with a noticeable removal of shallow and medium lines and wrinkles and even with inexpensive lip augmentation. At the same time, however, this outstanding skin rejuvenation product can deliver longer-lasting anti-aging results because, unlike other products from this category, it has been produced through an advanced 2-step cross-linking method. It has made its non-animal injectable gel quite resilient and that effectively slows down the speed with which it dissolves in the soft tissues.

This unique anti-aging product also contains 3mg/ml of lidocaine – a substance that plays the role of a reliable local anesthetic. It will numb pain and other unpleasant sensations during the injection procedure for a more stress-free treatment experience.

Suitable for the treatment of medium wrinkles and lip enhancement

Neuramis with Lidocaine has a very soft, yet stable and evenly distributed HA gel. That makes it the go-to filler injection for the speedy reduction of fine and medium wrinkles such as:

  • Glabellar wrinkles
  • Perioral lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Think lines

This cutting-edge product can also be injected into the lips to give them more volume or to improve their shape.

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