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Mona Lisa’s smile may be quite mysterious but there is no mystery behind the reason why professional-grade dermal filler Monalisa Soft enjoys an impressive market success – it is affordable, effective and safe. That is why it has found a place among Filler Club’s carefully handpicked product selection. With this premium-quality HA filler, shallow facial wrinkles such as crow’s feet and frown lines are quickly corrected without pain, scalpel or downtime.

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One of today’s safest and cheapest HA fillers

No, you are not mistaken – Monalisa Soft is indeed a shockingly inexpensive skin filler. That has nothing to do with its quality. Instead, it is related to the fact that the company that has designed this high-class cosmetic rejuvenation product, Genoss, is self-producing it. That is namely why it has such as bargain price tag. The established and reputable South Korean giant is notorious for its strict manufacturing and quality standards which ensure that the product delivers consistent and long-lasting results every single time.

The only adverse effects that can be observed after this risk-free cosmetic rejuvenation treatment are related to the injection procedure and not to the product itself and may feature bruising, tenderness, redness, swelling. Overall, this is one extremely safe anti-aging solution because:

  • It contains a barely traceable amount of BDDE residue
  • Complies with international safety and health regulations
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin
  • It has a guaranteed biological compatibility

Monalisa Soft’s indications

This exceptional soft-tissue filler is to be injected in the superficial layer of the skin to provide patients with a fast reduction of mild or early signs of aging. It can easily correct fine lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes (e.g. crow’s feet and frown lines).

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