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Since South Korean company NeoGenesis first introduced it on the market in 2014, HyaFilia Petit has been enjoying excellent reviews and ever-rising popularity around the world. This top-performing dermal filler has a special biphasic Hyaluronic Acid structure, offering a perfect balance between gel stability and viscoelasticity. Sold by Filler Club, it has the impressive ability to remove shallow wrinkles on the face, back of the hands, neck and décolleté for up to 12 months.

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Guaranteed patient satisfaction with HyaFilia Petit anti-wrinkle filler

This a top-notch soft-tissue filler that has been developed with patients in mind. As a start, it has an excellent price-quality ratio. NeoGenesis’ Korea-made skin rejuvenation injection is several times more affordable than its European competitors and, at the same time, it delivers better and longer-lasting anti-aging effects. That is because it is made of premium-quality raw materials and under strict manufacturing standards and regulations. It is also one of the very few fast-selling filler injections that are characterized by a hybrid structure since the implant gel consists of 85% stabilized HA and 15% non-stabilized Hyaluronic Acid. In that way, the product takes longer to biodegrade and yet it still has a soft and easy-to-control texture. HyaFilia Petit may target petit creases and lines in the skin but it has a grand moisturizing ability that will effectively restore normal hydro balance and give skin a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Target injection points

The non-animal HA and the chemical-free composition of HyaFilia Petit allow for it to be injected into various problem zones to instantly smooth superficial lines and wrinkles on the:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Décolleté
  • Dorsum of hands

This new-generation cosmetic rejuvenation procedure is carried out only by certified plastic surgeons and the only retailer that can offer you bargain prices on is Filler Club.

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