HyaFilia Petit Plus (Lidocaine) – 1 x 1ml


Shallow lines and superficial wrinkles can now be easily and painlessly corrected with the help of patient-friendly soft-tissue filler HyaFilia Petit with Lidocaine Plus. With its small gain size of 200µm, this injectable gel does provide balanced and natural-looking skin rejuvenation the effects of which can be seen immediately seen after the treatment and will remain visible for up to 12 months. Fillers Club offers this lidocaine-infused HA filler at a highly competitive price.

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How safe is superb skin filler HyaFilia Petit with Lidocaine Plus?

An anti-wrinkle treatment with HyaFilia Petit with Lidocaine Plus does not involve any risk and it rarely leads to side effects. This is a refined Hyaluronic Acid filler that is biologically compatible with the human organism and does not feature any aggressive ingredients or chemicals in its composition. After each injection session, patients will not need to worry about downtime since there won’t be any. It is manufactured by leading biopharmaceutical company CHA Meditech in full compliance with international safety, health and quality standards which is why it offers guaranteed patient satisfaction.

  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Zero harmful adverse effects
  • Non-animal based
  • Barely traceable amount of BDDE residue

Duration of treatment effects

Typically, one injection session with HyaFilia Petit with Lidocaine Plus will take up about 20-30 minutes of the patient’s time. The optimized HA in this product swiftly fills skin depressions and fine lines on the face, back of the hands, décolleté and neck. The risk-free injectable gel will slowly and gradually degrade into the soft tissue. Because of that, the temporary anti-aging effects of this product last for approximately one year which is quite impressive given most HA-based filler injections dissolve in a matter of barely 3-4 months.

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