Glowing Fill New – 2 x 1ml


With its soft gel texture, lasting skin rejuvenation effects and robust moisturizing capacity, Glowing Fill New is the ideal dermal filler for the temporary removal of superficial wrinkles. It can be applied on the face or on the neck through a painless and fast injection procedure because it comes with an Ultra-Thin Wall needle. Now available on Filler Club’s online store, this chemical-free filler injection helps patients eliminate the early signs of aging.

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Pain-free wrinkle reduction backed by top companies

Glowing Fill New instantly corrects the appearance of shallow wrinkles on the neck and on the face such as glabella lines and crow’s feet. When injected under the skin, it immediately fills any depressions and lines, making the skin smooth, youthful and radiant. Since this is an advanced HA skin filler, it also has amazing hydrating properties. Hyaluronic Acid retains water in the skin, successfully maintaining and/or improving its hydro balance – something that also has an incredible anti-aging effect.

This is a meticulously crafted and developed cosmetic rejuvenation product. It was designed by trusted and rapidly developing company Glowing Tree and manufactured in the world-class facilities of CG Bio Inc. Every box of this remarkable fine wrinkle remover includes a 30G and a 27G UTW needles produced by Japanese giant TSK Laboratory to guarantee low leaking risk and reduced intrusion force during the injection.

How effective is Glowing Fill New at removing fine lines?

This optimized soft-tissue filler has a 100% success rate because it has the ability to fill and smoothen a wide range of facial and neck lines and wrinkles formed in the superficial layers of the dermis. It delivers consistent results every single time and it:

  • Is completely biodegradable
  • Works instantly
  • Has durability of a few months
  • Is risk-free and health-friendly

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