Glowing Fill Half – 2 x 1ml


Not all HA-based lip injections lead to an overfilled duck pout and Glowing Fill Half will prove it to you. This patient-friendly dermal filler is specially crafted to safely plump the lips. Distributed by Filler Club, it will give them just the right size and shape because it is evenly distributed under the skin. It has a unique multi-layered phasic structure that makes it more stable and resilient compared to other Hyaluronic Acid lip fillers.

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  • Needles: 4 x 27G
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Main active ingredient: cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid

Premium-quality lip injection with no side effects

Glowing Fill Half may have been introduced on the market in 2019 but it has already generated quite the buzz among patients and seasoned cosmetic surgeons alike because of its high level of safety. It contains non-animal Hyaluronic Acid that has been carefully sterilized, purified and derived through a new-generation process of biofermantation. Because of that and the fact that HA is naturally occurring in the human organism, treatment with it typically does not lead to severe or harmful adverse effects. It may only cause mild swelling since the lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the body as a whole. This product offers natural-looking lip contouring and enhancement because it has an outstanding volumizing capacity which is due to its remarkable rheological properties (e.g. elasticity, viscosity and more).

Glowing Fill Half’s new-gen R-Square Technology

Despite its soft and easy-to-reshape implant gel, this dependable lip filler has a surprisingly durable effects longevity. That is achieved through a production method known as R-Square Technology which creates an injectable gel that is made up of two layers that have successfully been mixed together, making it sturdier, longer-lasting and more effective at hydrating, plumping and contouring the lips.

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