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To enjoy effective facial augmentation and durable wrinkle removal, patients do not need to undergo a risky cosmetic surgery but a minimally-invasive injection procedure with Regenovue Deep. Developed by NeoGenesis, this advanced dermal filler has a low price but its quality and safety are up to the highest standards. We, from Filler Club, are among the top distributors of this HA-based skin rejuvenation product.

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What results can be expected with Regenevue Deep?

The special capabilities of the product allow it to serve as a comprehensive cosmetic rejuvenation solution that gives skin a healthier and more refreshed appearance and frees it from medium lines and wrinkles for 12-18 months. In comparison, the anti-aging effects of most other well-known Hyaluronic Acid skin fillers last for barely 3-4 months. Regenovue Deep is a new-generation soft-tissue filler injection because it has a perfectly designed monophasic structure and an HA that has been highly cross-linked through a unique technology.

  • Instant correction of medium wrinkles and lines
  • Gradual skin hydration
  • Significantly improved elasticity
  • Better support of the skin texture
  • Successful facial contouring and augmentation

This innovative skin filler is particularly great at immediately reducing the appearance of medium wrinkles in the perioral area (nasolabial folds) and lines between the eyebrows (frown lines) or on the forehead (worry lines). Thanks to its impressive gel density and stability, Regenovue Deep can deliver balanced lip contouring and enhancement and augmentation of chin, forehead, zygoma, nose bridge and more.

Recommended treatment schedule

The recommended injection depth during treatment with this world-class HA filler is the upper subcutis or the lower dermis. Even one injection session can be enough for cosmetic surgeons to achieve the target results. To maintain the patient’s skin smooth and wrinkle-free, maintenance treatments need to be scheduled every 6 months or so.

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