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Monalisa Mild is a new-generation skin filler that is produced through Genoss’ innovative Hy-BRID Technology and has a specially tailored HA particle size (400µm) and concentration (24mg/mL). With it, seasoned and licensed plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists can offer their patients a hassle-free medium wrinkle reduction and rapid restoration of lost volume in the cheeks. With us, from Filler Club, you can buy this first-class cosmetic rejuvenation solution with the click of a mouse.

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To successfully fill and smooth medium facial wrinkles and lines, Monalisa Mild needs to be applied via injection either in the superficial or middle layer of the subcutis. This will not trigger pain or any other unpleasant sensations in the patient because this groundbreaking soft-tissue filler contains exactly 3% of lidocaine. Plus, each package of the product features a 30G Thin Wall needle that greatly minimizes damage on the skin. The recommended injection points are:

  • Forehead
  • Around the mouth
  • Cheeks

Even though Genoss has designed this professional-grade dermal filler to mainly deliver a pain-free correction of medium lines and wrinkles, its impressively firm, stable and resilient gel allows for it to deliver outstanding and balanced augmentation of cheeks. The product comes in a prefilled disposable syringe with an ergonomic design, giving practitioners more control over the injection process which also means better and more aesthetically-appealing end results.

Enjoy high quality and standards with Monalisa Mild

This top-performing soft-tissue filler uses an advanced Hy-BRID Technology that makes the structure of the injectable gel denser and more uniform. It creates a so-called Hyper Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid which starts to biodegrade only after it has been under the skin for 6 full months. This means durable anti-wrinkle results for patients.

This and more Monalisa products can be ordered from Filler Club with speedy international delivery.

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