Neuramis Volume (with Lidocaine) – 1 x 1ml


Volume deficiency in the skin is a natural sign of aging that can be easily conquered without plastic surgery. Distributed by Filler Club, Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine is a resilient volumizing dermal filler that immediately restores lost volume in the chin, cheeks and other key areas of the face. It can considerably reduce the appearance of saggy skin and deep folds. Since it features premium-quality Hyaluronic Acid, this anti-aging solution also has unmatched hydrating properties.

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Why choose Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine?

Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine has four main advantages over other similar products. As a start, it makes non-surgical facial contouring and wrinkle removal procedures more risk-free since it is not animal-based but it is fully biodegradable. This superb filler’s anti-aging effects are immediate and long-lasting and, as a lidocaine-infused product, its application does not cause any pain.

  • Guaranteed safety
  • 100% patient satisfaction
  • Durable skin rejuvenation and facial contouring effects
  • Zero pain

How is this product different from other Neuramis skin fillers?

Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine is the most robust dermal filler from Medytox’s advanced HA anti-aging product range. As such, it has the highest level of cross-linking (4 out of 4). So, even though it contains biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid with a concentration identical to the one found in the other products from this line (20mg/mL), it is more durable, resilient and stable. That is why its use is reserved only for the non-surgical correction of the deepest and most severe wrinkles and folds. It is the only HA-based solution by the brand that can be applied during a minimally-invasive nasal reshaping – a procedure reserved for the strongest and longest-lasting facial augmentation injections.

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