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For annoying wrinkles in the deepest layers of the dermis, HyaFilia Grand is always the #1 option. It packs enough power to fill even the most severe Grand Canyons on the face and any painless skin rejuvenation procedure with it offers natural-looking results. The only thing that is not grand about this HA-based anti-wrinkle filler is its price which is always low and reasonable with Filler Club.

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Powerful skin filler with a hybrid HA structure

HyaFilia Grand is the heavy artillery in NeoGenesis’ cosmetic rejuvenation arsenal. Its sterilized injectable gel has an average grain size of 1,100µm which is nearly 6 times more compared to that of its fine wrinkle removal filler – HyaFilia Petit. This gives it extra volumizing and filling power and makes its structure much more stable than that of most other HA injectables on the modern’s market. Because of that, it has a wider application compared to the other two products from the range:

  • Speedy correction of deep-to-severe wrinkles and folds
  • Pain-free reshaping of nose
  • Balanced augmentation of cheeks
  • Patient-friendly chin enhancement
  • Long-lasting correction of hollow temples

Another unique thing about this product is its biphasic or hybrid structure which features a layer of stabilized HA and a layer of non-stabilized HA that further prolong the treatment’s effects (up to 12 months).

What’s in the box?

The standard package of HyaFilia Grand features a prefilled disposable syringe and two high-quality needles (sizes 27G and 29G). The box has all necessary markings, especially when it has been ordered from Filler Club since we are a trustworthy distributor that sells only authentic products. Make sure you store the box away from direct sunlight in a dry and cool place. This professional-grade dermal filler is designed for single use and it cannot be used for multiple skin rejuvenation procedures.

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