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Monalisa Hard is one of the more robust and stable Hyaluronic Acid fillers by Genoss. Its mission is to offer durable and exceptionally safe facial contouring and augmentation of nose and chin. Since its sterilized and optimized injectable gel is characterized by improved viscoelasticity, it has yet another remarkable cosmetic rejuvenation ability – to immediately fill fine-to-medium nasolabial folds and other facial wrinkles. We, from Filler Club, have bargain wholesale deals on it.

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  • Injection depth: Middle to deep subcutis layers
  • Injection points: Perioral area, chin, nose, facial oval
  • Key active ingredient: Purified cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (24mg/mL)
  • Additional ingredients: Lidocaine (3%)
  • Manufacturer: Genoss (South Korea)

Rely on Monalisa Hard for aesthetically-appealing facial contouring

This premium-quality skin filler has hyper cross-linked HA with a particle size of 600µm. This is why its implant gel is firmer and denser than that of the average soft-tissue filler injection. This is good news as it gives Monalisa Hard hard-to-beat volumizing properties. That, combined with its reduced migration percentage, makes it a great choice for minimally-invasive chin enhancement, nasal reshaping and augmentation and even for the non-surgical improvement of the facial oval. It can restore volume in the face that has been lost as a result of the natural aging process or it can enhance the appearance of certain zones of the face to provide patients with better balanced and symmetrical features.

Easy deep wrinkle correction

Skin depressions and wrinkles in the medium-to-deep layer of the dermis can be hard to treat because they can be quite stubborn. But Monalisa Hard can successfully remove deep nasolabial folds:

  • Instantly
  • Without pain or side effects
  • With zero downtime
  • For at least 6 months

Both men and women can take advantage of the long-lasting anti-wrinkle and anti-aging powers of this affordable dermal filler injection.

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