Revolax SUB-Q – 1 x 1.1ml


Revolax SUB-Q by Across is a low-risk dermal filler with a mission – to show the world that professional-grade Hyaluronic Acid filler injections can fry bigger fish than fine lines and wrinkles. This cutting-edge anti-aging product contains monophasic cross-linked HA that can take on bigger challenges such as to safely remove deep-to-severe folds and deliver long-lasting chin and lips augmentation. Put its unique cosmetic rejuvenation abilities to the test by purchasing it today via Filler Club.

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  • 1x 1.1ml prefilled single-use syringe
  • 2x 25G disposable needles
  • 1x package insert

What types of facial imperfections can Revolax SUB-Q treat?

Similar to the other dependable soft-tissue fillers from Across’ Revolax line, this one is also designed to treat adults who are 21 and over and who are dealing with certain signs of aging such as deep-sized nasolabial folds or volume loss. It can be viewed as the last step before a plastic surgery because it is meant to address some of the most severe skin depressions that can still be corrected without a scalpel.

  • Instant correction of deep wrinkles
  • Non-surgical removal of severe folds
  • Risk-free augmentation of chin
  • Hassle-free enhancement of cheeks
  • Aesthetically-appealing lip plumping
  • Minimally-invasive reshaping of the nose

Since Revolax SUB-Q is injected into the subcutis, it is not suitable for the treatment of superficial or even medium-sized wrinkles and lines.

Before and after: Results and adverse effects

Most non-surgical cosmetic procedures start with a skin test but this health-friendly dermal filler is so safe that this will not be necessary with it. Revolax SUB-Q is made from premium-quality raw materials and animal-free HA and it can only lead to minor side effects (redness, sensitivity, itching, bruising, swelling, etc.). The results of the treatment become noticeable immediately and are retained for at least a year.

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