Glowing Fill Full – 2 x 1ml


Glowing Fill Full is a newly-released Hyaluronic Acid filler designed by Glowing Tree and produced by CG Bio Inc. We, from Filler Club, are among the first online retailers to offer this top-notch skin rejuvenation product to their clients. Order it for long-lasting facial augmentation and successful correction of deep and severe wrinkles. This reliable dermal filler is easy to inject and to mold and its effects – hard to ignore and to overlook.

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Korea-made HA filler that guarantees patient satisfaction

Glowing Fill Full is among the few quality anti-aging injectables that aim not only at getting the job done but also at delivering patients with the desired results and smooth treatment experience. This product contains lidocaine and its optimized viscoelasticity makes it very easy to inject and to reshape. This significantly reduces pain and discomfort for patients and allows medical practitioners to have complete control over the HA-based implant gel. Side effects are almost never observed after a procedure with this fast-selling anti-wrinkle solution because it features meticulously purified Hyaluronic Acid that has hard-to-beat hydrating powers. Thanks to them, the skin will not only become smoother but its texture will improve and soften.

Rely on Glowing Fill Full for effective facial contouring

Aside from Glowing Tree’s other durable dermal fillers, Glowing Fill Full is the only one that has been manufactured through an advanced R-Square Technology. This production method uses a special rotation technique to mix two layers. Thanks to that this pioneering anti-aging injectable has a multi-layered phasic structure that consists of two parts – one consisting of particles and another made up of gel. That ensures longer-lasting skin rejuvenation results that can deliver:

  • Augmentation of chin
  • Lip enhancement and contouring
  • Reshaping of nasal bridge
  • Deep-to-severe wrinkle removal
  • Cheek augmentation

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