JBP Laennec Injection – 50 x 2ml


We, from Filler Club, are thrilled to introduce you JBP Laennec Injection. This is one of the most innovative injectable products on both our online store and the global market in general. Produced by Japan Bio Product, this new-generation solution is derived from human placenta. It is 100% biocompatible, thoroughly purified and proven to be highly beneficial for health. This effective injectable has outstanding hydrating, skin rejuvenating, anti-pigmentation and skin-boosting capabilities.

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Innovative anti-aging injection based on placenta

Do not be alarmed by the fact that JBP Laennec Injection contains substances derived from human placenta. It is scientifically proven that placenta has amazingly positive effect on the human body. That is why it has found a wide therapeutic application in the treatment of migraines, asthma, fatigue, menopause, etc. Its usage is particularly popular in the cosmetic field because of its incredible anti-aging and beauty effects that include:

  • Reducing the appearance and unclogging enlarged pores
  • Brightening the skin and treating hyperpigmentation problems
  • Treating acne
  • Reducing puffiness under the eyes and removing eyebags
  • Removing wrinkles and lines
  • Improving the overall texture of the skin (firmness, elasticity, etc.)
  • Rehydrating dry skin

This high-class homeopathic product is injected into the skin 2-3 times a week for a period of one month. This procedure should always be carried out by a qualified physician who should use no more than 24 vials during the entire course of the treatment.

Opt for the authentic product

To avoid spending money on a fake product, buy only from registered and trustworthy distributors like Filler Club. An authentic JBP Laennec Injection is sold in a box that has a JBP seal and a “Made in Japan” marking. Each box must feature a bar code and an expiration date which are positioned right under the JBP seal.

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