JBP NanoCannula 24 x 2


If you are looking for premium-quality cannulas that provide medical practitioners with more control over the injection and patients with a treatment experience that is free of discomfort or pain, JBP NanoCannula is the product that you need. Sold by Filler Club, these professional-grade cannulas come in various sizes and have countless advantages over their competition – from their unbeatable quality and new-generation manufacturing technology to their excellent features and hard-to-match performance.

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A versatile selection of cannula sizes

Any injection treatment with JBP NanoCannula can be easily tailored because this product is available in a vast range of cannula sizes that feature:

  • 25mm, 30G
  • 40mm/50mm, 27G
  • 50mm/70mm, 25G
  • 50mm/70mm, 23G
  • 50mm/70mm, 22G
  • 50mm/70mm, 21G

This impressive versatility allows medical practitioners to better customize each injection session to properly meet the individual needs of their patients, as well as to optimize the treatment’s effects. And while the cannulas may vary in size, they are all thin-walled and made from a stainless-steel pipe – a sign of their sky-high quality.

Key advantages of JBP NanoCannula

JBP NanoCannula is a product created by Japan Bio Product (JBP) – a leading and highly reputable pharmaceutical company based in Japan and well-known for its groundbreaking medical devices and products. This alone speaks for the outstanding quality of these first-class cannulas. Another great advantage that this product offers is its safety. Its use has been officially approved by the FDA which puts it even further ahead in the game. These are the most patient-friendly cannulas on the global market because they cause minimal damage to the hypodermal tissues. That is because they have been produced through a unique micro-polishing technique and have ultra-thin walls which translates into less resistance during injection, leading to no pain, no scarring and no downtime for patients.

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