Dermaheal SR – 10 vials x 5ml


Give aging and tired skin a complete overhaul without surgery, makeup or expensive cosmetic products. All you will need to achieve that seemingly impossible feat is Dermaheal SR – a premium-quality mesotherapy product that offers lasting and natural skin rejuvenation results. It is rich in sterilized Hyaluronic Acid that deeply moisturizes the dermis. Offered by Filler Club, this top-rated anti-aging injectable features other natural nutrients that will further boost the condition and appearance of the skin.

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  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • In the package: 5ml x 10 vials
  • Treatment protocol: 1 injection session every week (1 vial per session)
  • Active ingredients: peptides, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes

Non-aggressive, yet effective anti-aging mesotherapy solution

With its mixture of purified HA of a non-animal origin and a bouquet of powerful nutrients, Dermaheal SR is a heath-friendly cosmetic rejuvenation product. it is especially suitable for people with dry, rough and/or aging skin because it:

  • Noticeably corrects the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines
  • Greatly improves skin’s hydro balance
  • Successfully reduces enlarged pores
  • Significantly moisturizes, revitalizes and refreshes dull and dry skin
  • Naturally stimulates the production of elastin and collagen
  • Offers an overall anti-aging effect

Is the treatment painful?

Dermaheal SR can be administered with a micro-roller, a syringe or a mesotherapy gun. Since it is applied in the top of the middle layer of the dermis, the product may only cause mild and temporary discomfort. Each injection session usually lasts no more than half an hour after which patients can return to their normal daily activities. Although this reliable skin rejuvenation product has not been infused with lidocaine or some other local anesthetic, the sensation of pain is minimal since the gel is easy to inject and practitioner do not need to apply extra force.

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