Dermaheal SB – 10 vials x 5ml


One of the newest additions to Filler Club’s catalog is Dermaheal SB – a robust skin brightening mesotherapy solution that is incredibly effective at treating hyperpigmentation. At the same time, it is quite gentle and mild because it does not feature aggressive ingredients in its formula. Instead, it is made up of vitamins, biomimetic peptides and plant extracts that easily reduce the appearance of various pigmentation spots and even whiten the tone of the skin.

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Risk-free skin brightening mesotherapy product

Due to the many natural, tested and safe substances used in the composition of Dermaheal SB, patients are not likely to experience allergic reactions or unwanted effects after or during the treatment. Regardless of whether their hyperpigmentation problems are a result of solar overexposure or other factors, this outstanding skin brightening product will manage to:

  • Considerably reduce the appearance of age spots
  • Successfully prevent the formation of unwanted pigmentation spots in the future
  • Provide a powerful skin whitening and anti-pigmentation effect
  • Painlessly remove freckles
  • Effectively balance production levels of melanin

Treatment protocol

A standard mesotherapy treatment with Dermaheal SB consists of three separate stages. During the first of them, qualified aesthetic dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons need to use 1 vial of the product once a week for the duration of one full month. The second phase lasts two months and it includes biweekly injection sessions. The third stage is the maintenance stage which aims at preserving the already achieved results. During it, procedures are carried out on a monthly basis.

Side effects are highly unlikely because the bleaching and whitening effect of this first-class skin brightening injectable is very gentle. It will not irritate the dermis and it will not leave scarring or marks.

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