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Princess Filler is a cutting-edge dermal filler developed and produced by Austrian company Croma. Unlike other popular cosmetic rejuvenation injectables, it strives to provide risk-free anti-aging treatment by using the natural moisturizing and filling properties of premium-quality Hyaluronic Acid. Manufactured through a new-generation S.M.A.R.T. Technology, this supreme filler injection safely corrects mid-to-deep wrinkles and improves the contour of the face. Do not hesitate to order it today via Filler Club’s online store.

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How is the treatment performed?

One injection session with Princess Filler delivers aesthetically-appealing anti-wrinkle results that last for 6-9 months. The procedure is performed by a skilled and certified plastic surgeon and it typically takes several minutes. The HA-based filler is gently injected into the problem area. This does not cause pain to the patient since the product is lidocaine-infused. Maintenance treatments will be required every few months when the product’s fantastic cosmetic rejuvenation effects start to wear off. After each procedure, patients will not need to deal with downtime since this is a minimally-invasive therapy that rarely has side effects.

Applications of Princess Filler

Princess Filler’s smartly designed injectable gel has an impressive filling effect which is why this top-notch anti-aging product can successfully:

  • Treat glabella lines
  • Contour and enhance the appearance of lips
  • Reduce forehead furrows
  • Remove medium and deep perioral wrinkles

Princess Filler also has incredible volumizing powers which why it can also be applied on patients who have lost a lot of volume in their face as part of the natural aging process. This health-friendly dermal filler can be injected in almost any area of the face because it is proved to have optimal skin tolerance. Still, qualified cosmetic surgeons must not use it for the non-surgical correction of eye contour because it is not made for such delicate and gentle facial zones.

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