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New-generation PDRN fillers are the latest hype in the world of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures and one of the best products in this category is GANA R&D’s GANA PNS. It is more than a PDRN filler injection because it also contains high-class Hyaluronic Acid. When these two components are combined, we get an all-around skin rejuvenation that includes visible line removal, restoration of damaged dermal cells, and natural-looking facial augmentation. Get it now via Filler Club.

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Main uses of GANA PNS

This outstanding soft-tissue filler contains a highly filling and moisturizing substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and a skin-boosting, cell-repairing and greatly volumizing ingredient known as Poly Deoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). The former is derived through biofermantation and it does not contain any animal-based components. The latter is produced from salmon or trout sperm and activates various receptors and Growth Factors in the body that enable the skin to regenerate itself. That is why GANA PNS offers a long list of fantastic anti-aging abilities among which are:

  • Effective skin rejuvenation
  • Gradual repair of skin cells
  • Instant correction of wrinkles
  • Guaranteed anti-sagging solution
  • Long-lasting facial enhancement and contouring

This product contains 3mg/cc of Lidocaine and so the use of additional local anesthetics will not be necessary. Certified plastic surgeons need to inject the solution either in the dermis or the subcutaneous layer of the skin, using the needle featured in the box.

A tested and trusted PDRN and HA filler

GANA PNS is designed and manufactured by GANA R&D – a renowned and well-established cosmeceutical and biopharmaceutical company originating from South Korea. It has been produced in strict compliance with all international quality, environmental, health, and safety standards. We, from Filler Club, deliver it sealed in its original package.

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