Dermalax Implant Plus – 2 x 1.1ml


Dermalax Implant Plus is among Filler Club’s top-sellers in the product category HA dermal fillers. It particularly addresses cosmetic concerns such as severe folds and wrinkles but it can also be successfully used for the balanced augmentation of chin, cheeks, nose, lips, etc. This lidocaine-infused anti-aging injectable delivers a painless cosmetic rejuvenation in a matter of minutes.

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Pain-free wrinkle removal and facial contouring

Although Dermalax Implant Plus is applied via injection under the skin to fill depressions and severe wrinkles and to add and restore volume, patients need not worry about pain. Hugel Pharm has fully optimized this groundbreaking filler implant to guarantee a 100% painless treatment experience.

  • Contains lidocaine
  • Requires lower extrusion force
  • Comes with a thin and sharp needle that causes less damage to the skin
  • Has a regular blob structure for an easy and smooth injection

Even more invasive procedures such as non-surgical enhancement of forehead, chin augmentation, nasal reshaping, cheeks correction, and lips contouring will not cause any discomfort.

Effects longevity of Dermalax Implant Plus

Although this is a top-notch dermal filler, it will only deliver temporary cosmetic rejuvenation. This is because its main active ingredient, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid, is biodegradable and in time it will fully dissolve in the skin. But compared to other professional-grade filler injections from this category, Dermalax Implant Plus is longer-lasting since it is based on sterilized cross-linked HA that has a so-called Monophasic Blob Structure. This means that it dissolves very slowly in the soft tissues. That is why one treatment with it will keep the skin smooth, wrinkle-free, and youthful for 12 months or so. Maintenance sessions will need to be scheduled every few months if the patient wants to retain their newly rejuvenated and refreshed look.

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