Plasma Fresh PRP Kit


Plasma Fresh PRP Kit for skin treatment is a German-made medical device for patient-friendly PRP therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments. It is an all-in-one kit that can be ordered from Filler Club at a bargain price and used for PRP treatments in various fields – from pain management and hair restoration to neurology and urology. When applied during cosmetic therapies, it has remarkable skin-boosting properties.

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About PRP treatment

PRP means platelet-rich plasma. It exists in the blood of each and every one of us and it has impressive healing properties. Today, qualified medical practitioners swear by the beneficial effects of this type of treatment because it is minimally-invasive, affordable, effective and fast to perform. Such treatment is a PRP procedure that greatly improves the condition of the skin by hydrating, stimulating self-healing and cell generation. To carry it out, seasoned practitioners need a special PRP kit like Plasma Fresh.

What is in the package?

Plasma Fresh is an advanced PRP kit because it can be relied upon throughout the entire PRP therapy. It features Sodium Citrate and Thixotropic gel which will enable medical experts to easily extract the valuable platelets from the plasma and will also prevent any clumping of the blood. Thanks to that, this top-quality medical device can extract more platelet-rich plasma than other similar products. Also in the box, you will find a carefully designed butterfly needle. It can be effectively used during the blood extraction process, as well as during the final stage of the PRP procedure in which the plasma rich in platelets is injected back into the patient’s vein. A medical-class vacuum tube has also been included in the kit.

  • Sodium Citrate – serves as an anticoagulant
  • A super-thin 23G butterfly needle
  • A sturdy medical-grade vacuum tube
  • Thixotropic gel

Additional information

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