Neufidence Volume (with Lidocaine) – 2 x 1ml


Medytox give customers an excellent offer for a high grade contouring filler at an affordable price with the Neufidence Volume. An improved version of the Neuramis Volume, this is a two-in-one package for augmenting facial lines and restoring volume in severe skin depressions. From jawline contouring to boosting the cheek volume of the patient, Neufidence Volume with Lidocaine comes with a guarantee of a lasting and satisfactory result, virtually indistinguishable from the natural look. Injection of this dermal filler is pain free for the patient, as it includes Lidocaine and comes packed with a couple of ultra thin-walled injection needles.

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Neufidence Volume is a hidden gem among the dermal fillers on the market. While it’s Hyaluronic acid concentration is the relatively modest 20mg/ml, just like with Juvederm’s Vycross line, it’s the underlying medical device technology used, that determines the quality of the product. The Neufidence line is based on Medytox’s patented High Elasticity, Advanced Rheological Throughput technology. It allows for the Hyaluronic gel to be with superior elasticity, soft, but at the same time firm, making the feel and look very natural once applied. The texture of the dermal filler allows the doctors to easily sculpt the facial lines, when injecting it subcutaneously.

Areas of injection of the Neufidence Volume

This HA filler was specifically developed and manufactured with contouring of the facial oval and augmenting specific areas, in mind. The end result is a premium Hyaluronic solution for improving and re-shaping part of the face like the:

  • Jawline
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Cheekbone area
  • Chin

Doctors can also rely on Neufidence Volume to effectively deal with the more severe skin depression on the face (usually the result of aging) and especially very deep nasolabial folds.

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